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About Me

I am a solo practitioner. This means I am the law firm. I answer all calls, I return all calls. When you are in court, I am there with you. When you have a question or concern, you talk to me. I set my own hours, so that if you, like most people, work a 9-5 job, we can arrange a consultation that does not require you to miss work. My main office is in Silver Spring, in Montgomery County. I do practice regularly in the Courts in Howard County, Frederick County, Prince George’s County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, and Federal District Court. I have been practicing predominately Criminal Defense since 2007.

Unlike most other attorneys who do a some family, some personal injury and a little bit of everything else, Criminal Defense and DUI’s are what I concentrate on. 99% of my work is criminal defense. This means that 99% of my time, I am working on criminal cases, keeping up to date on the new criminal laws, penalties, and court rules, all concerning criminal cases. I also offer low flat rates for most cases in District Court, no matter the type of crime, or the amount of charges.

My Experience as a Defendant

I received a DUI when I was in college, many years ago. What I remember most about that experience was how stressed and confused I was. Even hiring an attorney, I did not know what questions to ask. I did not know what was going to happen. I was scared. I let my attorney lead me to plead guilty to something. I do not even remember exactly what. I remember that I barely was able to speak to my attorney prior to court. I remember never wanting to go through that experience again.

I also know I do not want any of my clients to ever go through that fear, uncertainty, and doubt. I want to be there for you. If you have questions or concerns, you can call, text or e-mail me. I often get clients starting off every phone call with “I hate to bother you but…” It is not a bother. It is what you are paying me for. If I can’t talk to you because I am in court or with another client, I will let you know, then call you back. I try to return all text messages immediately.

Free Consult

I offer a free consultation to discuss your case. I am just as happy for you to come into my office, or talk to you over the phone. I just ask that you have whatever paperwork you received with you, or at the least, your case number.

Why You Should Shop Around, then Come Back to The Law Office of Asher Weinberg.

A Criminal or major traffic charge can change your life. You have read mailers, you have heard from other attorneys. You have heard threats of what can happen to you. I won’t scare you, or pressure you. Having a conviction on your record is a big deal. DUI’s are forever! Felonies will haunt you for years to come.
I am less expensive than some attorneys, more expensive than others. Some have been around longer, some brand new. However, if your attorney has not taken a case to trial in 2 years, or 5 years, this tells you a lot. I am not saying every case has to go to trial. Sometimes we win before trial. Sometimes we get an amazing offer that you’d be crazy not to take. But wouldn’t you rather have an attorney who doesn’t tell everyone they “must” or “should” take a plea?
Shop around, ask your attorney how many cases with your charges has he has in the last year or so. Ask how many he has taken to trial. (You can ask how many cases or trials they have won, but winning means different things to different clients.) All of my client’s win, because they know, no matter how bad the facts, how difficult the case, if you want to go to trial, then we go to trial!) For DUI cases, ask them 1) How many DUI cases have they taken to trial in the last year? 2) How many “per se” cases have they taken to trial in the last year? 3) How many times were they able to keep the breath test out at trial?


Many people are intimidated by the thought of calling an attorney. They are scared of what they think it will cost, and that every minute will be billed. For all district court cases, I charge one low flat rate. I do not bill for additional calls, meetings, or court dates.  There may be additional expenses, such as court fees and costs of transcripts, experts, etc; These will be discussed with you if relevant to your case. 

Practice Areas

Criminal (Both felonies and Misdemeanors)
Including Sex offenses, Rape, Robbery, Theft, Assault, Gun charges, etc.

Drunk Driving
All Traffic Tickets and Driving charges

My DUI Experience

I have been defending against DUI charges for almost 13 years. I have tried dozens of DUI cases to juries. I have tried dozens more in front of a Judge. I have rarely gotten a guilty on the “A” charge, the Driving under the Influence. I have gotten “Not Guilty” by a jury on all charges. I have gotten Judges to say “Not Guilty” on the lower “B” charge, the DWI. I have convinced States’ Attorneys to reduce the charges to Reckless or Negligent.
I have taken many of the same training classes as the Police. I train other attorney’s on how to keep the breath test out, and how to beat the Roadside tests (SFSTs). I know the breath test instrument better then many of the police breath test operators. When asked my secret to success in the Courtroom, my answer is “When I start trial, I know the facts better than the State’s Attorney and the Officer, I know the law better than the State’s Attorney, and I know the Officer’s training better than anyone in the Courtroom.” The Judges who I have tried cases in front of know they can trust me not to waste their time, and that I know the material. I have had a few judges thank me afterwards for teaching them something new.


You can call me directly or send me an e-mail either using your own e-mail client, or the form below. If you have a case number, please include that.

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